Mission: To help our clients build, leverage and monetize their individual or corporate brands in ways that drive business success and personal acclaim.

Each year companies spend well over 1 billion dollars on sports sponsorships. These companies choose to associate their brand with high-profile college or professional teams and, in many cases, their athletes and coaches in order to reach their passionate fan base. They utilize sports to deliver their messages through in-game television and radio, podcasts, billboards, naming rights, signage, in-venue and social media exposure.

Negotiating and activating sports sponsorships and personal endorsements takes experience, time, doggedness and resources. The Brand Enhancement Group was created to help companies and individuals leverage their investment by outsourcing experience, creativity, ingenuity and management of your sponsorship, thereby preserving your resources so you and your employees can focus on your areas of expertise. With over 40 years of combined experience, Patrick and Maggie know how to get the most out of your sponsorships in order to help you grow your businesses— and they have the equivalent knowledge in building personal brands.

Sports sponsorships and celebrity endorsements are too expensive to not drive business results.  That’s why using them to their full potential is so important.  It’s like purchasing a Lamborghini and never driving it. It has unthinkably high performance characteristics but it requires someone skilled behind the wheel to make it go—and to make the cost/value equation make sense.  Activation is the engine that makes your sponsorships and endorsements go. And go. And go.

You’ve bought a Lamborghini. Now let’s take it out of the garage and, together we can make it roar.